Good Websites

96 Elephants

I like this website because of the beautiful, edge-to-edge photography and magazine-like layout. It tells an educational narrative through a series of single-page chapters, each detailing the real complications in the ongoing effort to end the illegal act of killing elephants for their tusks.

Thankful Registry

This website lets couples create a personalized wedding registry from any gifts they desire from anywhere on the internet. I like the site's aesthetic - it has strong typography and large, powerful images. The code has been thoroughly commented making it's use even easier.

Life In My Shoes

Life In My Shoes is a powerful campaign aimed at young people that challenges the fear and misunderstanding that surrounds HIV. The brand font, Houshka Rounded Medium, was implemented using font-face to give the website a fresh look and feel. Decorative images and dramatic yellow accents throughout provide an appealing aesthetic.

A and W Restaurants

I like this website because use it uses @font-face to serve Metroscript and Century Gothic fonts which create a custom look. CSS rotation transforms are used on header text, giving the site a fun print-menu feel.


MammothReach utilized the rotate transform property with a large spiralling burst image that's in constant rotation. Fun content slides in as you visit the different sections of the site with animated style properties.

Bad Websites

007 Museum

This website is very busy and hard to navigate. The content doesn't fit on the screen and there is little to no organization of the site's content. Mr. Bond would NOT be proud...


Arngren is a Norwegian website that sells gadgets of all different shapes and sizes. It is by far one of the worst websites I've come across. There is no padding or organization not to mention so much is going on that it's hard to even navigate the site.

Smarter Green Solutions

This website isn't terrible, but it isn't great either. It is a Des Moines business we used for a project in Intro to Advertising. The site offers no information on the company, photos, or testimonials. I would be hesitant to hire them due to the sparse website.

Suzanne Collins Books

Suzanne Collins wrote the Hunger Games but her website belongs on the battlefield as tribute. The website is designed for 200 percent zoom, and clicking on the book covers on the homepage does nothing.

Electrifying Times

This website feels like we went back in time. From flashing GIFs to spinning signs, this monstrosity of an electric car website has it all. You will never miss a word with its flashy animations and meaningless font choices. The website is far from being optimized for mobile devices and is a pain to navigate.