Hello! My name is Noah, and I am a Des Moines, Iowa, based Web Developement and Digital Marketing student. I design and host responsive websites for small businesses and individuals looking to expand their internet presence. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my two pugs, collecting comic books, studying astronomy, and playing competitive online games on my Playstation 4 Pro. Working for animal welfare and conservation efforts is very important to me and I hope to make a difference in the world.

Fall 2018 Homework

WDV 321 Advanced Javascript

Spring 2018 Homework

WDV 151 Intro to Web Design

WDV 490 Website Application Seminar

WDV 495 Emerging Technology Seminar

WDV 447 Intro to Drupal

Fall 2017 Homework

HON 100 Intro to Honors

MKT 150 Principals of Advertising

WDV 221 Intro to Javascript

WDV 341 Intro to PHP

WDV 495 Website Application Components

Academic Resume

WDV 101 - Intro to HTML and CSS

WDV 131 - Intro to Photoshop

WDV 150 - E-Commerce

WDV 205 - Advanced CSS

WDV 221 - Intro to Javascript

WDV 240 - Intro to WordPress

WDV 341 - Intro to PHP

WDV 351 - Website Application Components

MKT 110 - Principles of Marketing

MKT 121 - Digital Marketing

MKT 150 - Principles of Advertising

MKT 182 - Customer Relationship Management

CIS 171 - Java

CIS 303 - Intro to Database

CIS 332 - Database and SQL

HON 100 - Intro to Honors